Why Every Parent Should Invest in Backyard Jungle Gym Rentals


Kids seem to never get enough of the thrill, the speed, the wind in their hair, and the excitement that a jungle gym brings. Kids love playgrounds, but our public playgrounds and parks are no longer safe for our children. As we head into a post-COVID world, here are two of the best reasons to invest in a backyard jungle gym rental:


  • Avoid the Safety Risks


Hit with a massive crime wave—from high-jacking and daylight robbery to child trafficking, South Africa is no longer a safe country. We live in dangerous times, and your first instinct as a parent is to protect your children, at all costs. Because playing in public parks and playgrounds is no longer an option, many parents find bringing the park to their child brings peace of mind. Rentals allow children the freedom to play and be kids again.


  • Improves Fitness and Health


As a result of social distancing, many children are not as active as they should be, even at school. Instead of burning energy and staying active, our young kids spend a significant amount of time indoors, watching Netflix, and playing play station. Kids have a lot of energy and thrive on stimulation, and such rentals will encourage free play. By having a jungle gym in your backyard, you keep your children safe, entertained, fit, and healthy without having to leave the house.


Jungle Gym Rentals are Affordable


Providing excellent savings, rentals have grown in popularity–and for good reasons. First, children grow, so you save by returning your model for one that meets your child’s age and needs. Second, people move and property sizes change, which means you can swap your model for another one to suit your property. Last but not least, jungle gym rentals provide the flexibility of adding various accessories, such as a rock wall, swing set, and slide or monkey bars, to make it a better experience. You will not have to fork out money as your supplier will add the extra accessories to your monthly rental.


No one truly knows what the future will look like, but what we know is that the days of parks and playgrounds are long gone. At Jungle Gym World, we believe that every small thing you do as a parent plays a huge role in your little one’s future. An active child is a happy child, and rentals will burn energy, exercise imagination, improve motor skills, and keep your little cherubs safe and sound in your backyard.

Are Your Kids Bored? Keep Them Busy with Our Quality Playground Equipment


The effortless joy of play is something that every child should be able to enjoy. At Jungle Gym World, we believe in bringing smiles to children all across the country. Our clientele includes private homes, schools, and even businesses seeking to keep kids busy. We also have years of experience when it comes to durable playground equipment that benefits children of all ages. Jungle gyms and play structures, you see, are necessary not just for physical development, but for the social, emotional, and creative aspects of a child’s growth too.


We all remember our childhoods filled with running, swinging, sliding, jumping, and climbing. Getting to explore the outdoors and utilise our imaginations on the playground equipment at school or at a park created some of our fondest memories. Yet, the modern child is often placated with screens, games, and very little activity. Age-appropriate outdoor play is tough for parents to facilitate, as they don’t always have the time to set up games and spend hours running about outside with their kids. Playground equipment, however, is a natural draw for children who gravitate towards the thrill of testing their physical limits. Jungle gyms are both mentally and physically stimulating and tire kids out just enough to offer a peaceful night’s rest too.


Our Wide Selection of Playground Equipment


Here at Jungle Gym World, we have the largest variety of steel jungle gyms and fantasy and adventure play structures in South Africa. We understand the role these structures play in childhood development, and our imaginative and colourful designs are perfect for children of any age. Our selection includes:


  • Jungle gyms (both steel and wooden)
  • Climbing structures
  • Hanging structures
  • Barrels and tunnels
  • Balancing structures like beams, bridges, and curved snakes
  • Swings
  • See-saws
  • Sport accessories such as soccer goal posts, netball poles and rings, basketball rings, jogging barrels, and ball-throwing apparatuses


Our selection also comes in various sizes. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children can all enjoy our age-appropriate range that keeps in mind the developmental needs of each age group. It is important to purchase the right size playground equipment for your child for safety purposes, and if you are not sure which structure to buy, we will gladly advise you.


Jungle gyms, play structures, and playground equipment are a fun way for kids to reach all their developmental milestones while spending valuable time outdoors. If you are keen on investing in your child’s development in this way, feel free to contact us online today. We service major areas like Pretoria and Johannesburg, so be sure to ask us about our delivery and installation rates in your region too.

The Endless Benefits of Selecting the Right Jungle Gym for Sale


No parent can dispute how much fun jungle gyms are. They get kids outdoors and away from passive entertainment in the form of television and technological screens – and they offer plenty of exercise too. If you have run out of ideas for clever games, creative crafts, and mental and physical stimulation, then finding the right jungle gym for sale is a fantastic solution.


Developing an Appreciation for the Great Outdoors


Back in the old days, you would struggle to get children to come inside for dinner – playing outside with friends was simply far too enjoyable. These days, kids prefer to lounge indoors while playing games and watching their favourite shows. In moderation, there is nothing wrong with this form of entertainment, but it can potentially lead to passive and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Finding a great jungle gym for sale and investing in some outdoor play equipment for your yard affords your child the opportunity to connect with nature, which not only provides essential vitamin D from sunlight but improves sensory perception too.


Improving Gross Motor Skills


Exercising the larger muscles of the body as well as the stabilising, core muscles is exceptionally important for young children. Outdoor play equipment is unique in that it allows children to clamber and climb using their arms, legs, and core, and requires movement of the entire body. In this way, large muscle groups are exercised, and balance, depth perception, and spatial awareness are improved. When selecting a jungle gym for sale, choose one that is appropriate for your child’s age group to get the most out of outdoor playtime.


A Superb Icebreaker for New Friends


If your little one is on the introverted or reserved side, they might find it difficult to make friends with other children. Arranging a play date centred around outdoor play is a great way for kids to boost their social skills and make good friends. Finding the right climbing frame for sale might just help them with this. A relaxed, outdoor atmosphere offers children the safe freedom needed to explore imaginative fantasy-building and provides a neutral, shared space to explore together.


Tackling the challenges a play structure has to offer also encourages children to be more independent and take on new tasks without fear, and you will find that a little time spent climbing up a net and sliding with hands in the air makes for a much more confident child. If you are interested in a jungle gym for sale, then have a look at our extensive range today. We deliver to areas such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Midrand, and offer rentals for special occasions too.

How Wooden Jungle Gyms Can Help Make Your Home the Social Hub


Many parents dream of their homes becoming the hubs for their children's social circles. Think about it this way: if most of your children’s play dates are held at your house, it is much easier to ensure that they are safe at all times. You can keep your child close and still allow them to have experiences that are important to have as kids, such as having fun on jungle gyms. Plus, you will not have to travel back and forth to drop your kid off at their friend's house, as everyone will come to you.


How to Turn Your Home into The Kids’ Social Hub


The trick is not to demand that play dates are held at your house but to make your home as appealing as possible, so that the kids will want to play there and nowhere else. You want to start by getting one of the highest-quality wooden jungle gyms available when trying to turn your house into the fun house. Perhaps get a trampoline too, so they can show off and develop their skills. If you have the space, why not get a table-tennis table, some fun inflatables for the swimming pool (if you have one), and of course, a gaming system like a PlayStation or Xbox for when they need a break from all the fun in the sun.


All you have to do is give them lunch and a few snacks and make sure everyone gets along. Other than that, you want kids to feel like they have the freedom to be kids and have fun. They can wait until they are adults for all the adult stuff. Let us focus on why you should get one of the wooden jungle gyms from us for your home if you want to make your home the fun house and chosen location for play dates.


Wooden jungle gyms are sturdy and durable. You can not only watch your kids play on it and grow to their full potential, but you might even get to see your grandchildren have fun on the same one that fills your childhood memories. If you are concerned about what your garden looks like aesthetically, a wooden structure will blend in perfectly with the natural colours of your garden.


They have a more classic look and if this is the look you are after, our team at Jungle Gym World can help you choose the right option out of all our available models.

Why All Kids Needs A Jungle Gym


The benefits of getting a jungle gym for your kids far exceed their initial excitement and the hours of fun they will have. Your children will experience many benefits in future if they play on a jungle gym while they are still kids.


Playing on Jungle Gyms Can Help Kids Later in Life


You don’t know what your kids will be interested in when they grow up but you want to help them develop in a way that will allow them to do the things they want to. Your child might become interested in rock climbing, obstacle-course racing, or callisthenics – all that someone who played on a jungle gym as a child will have an advantage in. Hanging on the monkey bars is great for shoulder, arm, and grip strength and your children will develop strong arms by climbing. It is also very good for spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.


It Can Help Them Become Brave Adults


If your child is never exposed to challenges, such as climbing to the top and using the slide, it might become harder for them to take on things they are scared of in future. Playing on one of these structures help them test their physical limits and challenge themselves mentally.


It Helps Them Build Friendships


Friends overcoming obstacles together stay together. When children first get together for a play date, it can be hard to find a game to play or something they are both interested in, but most kids love a jungle gym. It is a world of possibilities – a pirate ship, a princess’s castle, an army base camp, or an obstacle course. The structure helps them create their fantasy and take on the hero’s journey with their friends. Kids can have hours of fun playing outside. All you must do is make sure that they are fed and safe.


It Will Help Them Be Happy and Healthy


What better feeling is there than making your child happy? It is easy to want to spoil your kids. As a parent, you want to give them the world but you do not want to spoil them rotten, but develop into healthy adults that thrive. Why not get them one of the biggest gifts you can give them and experience their joy and excitement while knowing that you are doing something beneficial for their health as well?


A jungle gym can bring your child hours of happiness, which will make you happy too. Browse our website and have a look at the various options we have available for customers in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, and Johannesburg. 

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