We at Jungle Gym World would like to make the process of choosing your new jungle gym as effortless as possible! We have 2 unique ways of assisting you to choose. Below is a step by step process that you can use:


Please assure the jungle gym is appropriate for the ages of your children. Other way around:  there is a relationship between the size of the jungle gym you chose and how old your children are to use it.

We have developed a matrix that explains the age groups for each of our jungle gyms.

  Jungle Gym Appropriate for Different Age Groups
  1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs 4 Yrs 5 Yrs 6 Yrs 7 Yrs 8 Yrs 9 Yrs 10 Yrs 11 Yrs 12 Yrs
JG 1                      
JG 2                      
JG 3                  
JG 4                  
JG 5                  
JG 6                
JG 7              
JG 8                  
JG 9                  
JG 10              
JG 11              
JG 12              
JG 13              
JG 14              
JG 15              
JG 16              
JG 17            
JG 18            
JG 19            
JG 20            
JG 21          
JG 22          
JG 23          
JG 24          
JG 25        
JG 26        


  • Okay, so you've been through all the above points, but now you want to see in a matrix just what features each of our jungle gyms has, and you want to compare!

  JG1 JG2 JG3 JG4 JG5 JG6 JG7 JG8 JG9 JG10 JG11 JG12 JG13 JG14 JG15 JG16 JG17 JG18 JG19 JG20 JG21 JG22 JG23 JG24 JG25 JG26
1.5m slide attached at 800mm                                                  
1x Tyre swing                        
1x Tyre swing or Plastic swing                                                  
2.5m / 2.8m slide attached to play area at 1.35m and 3m attached at 1.6m                                              
2.5m steel slide                                                  
2nd play deck                                                  
2nd play deck (yellow)                                                  
2x sets of Climbing Pipes                                            
2x sets of Sky Ladders                          
2x Steering Wheels    
2x Trapese swings                                                    
2x Tyre Swings                                          
3m slide-attach from play area at 1.6m                      
Attachment with 2 tyre swings                                        
Balancing snake                                          
Cargo Net                                          
Climbing net            
Climbing pipes                                
Conveyor Belt Seats (On this item, the steel/wooden seats have been replaced by the conveyor belt seats)                                                    
Firemans pole            
Jungle Swing                        
Monkey bars                                          
Monkey bars underneath the 2nd playdeck                                                  
Option B: Slide Attached on side not inline                                                  
Overhead monkey bars                                        
Overhead Monkey Bars towards 2nd playdeck                                                
Play area        
Renting differs:                                            
Rope Ladder                        
Rope ladder along side climbing net                                      
See saw swing                      
Slide attached to play area at 1.15m                                                  
Slide attached to play area at 1.35m                                          
Slide-attach from playarea at 1.35m OR 1.6m                                                  
Step Ladder                  
Step ladder to 1st play area (blue)                                                  
Step ladder to 1st play area (yellow)                                                  
Step ladder to play area                                      
Trapeze Swing      
Tyre Tower attachment                                        
Tyre tunnel attachment                                                  
Waiting Play Area                                                  


  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. Delivery fees in Pretoria Area is R300 and the greater Johannesburg R450 excluding installation. Other areas R8.00 / km (back and forth) plus toll gate fees and if necessary over night travel expenses. 
  3. Relocation costs of R800.00 of your freestanding steel jungle gym in the Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Please assure access to your new premise.
  4. Implanting of heavy duty playground equipment will be separately quoted for.
  5. Implanting of swings at schools is included in the purchase price.

Access to your play area:

* Jungle gyms cannot go through your house front door even swivel doors or garden gates.

* Passage width - 2m and a height clearance of 3. Take note of overhead trees.

* Walls – maximum height of 2m with NO electric fence, bob wire or devil forks.

* Buyer accept full responsibility for getting the jungle gym into his/her garden.

Please make sure access to the garden/play area. Jungle gyms and playground equipment are fully assembled at the factory. Therefore the following requirements for access. 

*          No access over walls and neighbouring walls higher than 2m with electric fence or bob wire, devil forks, spikes, etc.

*          Passage width 2m and height clearance 3m.

*          No passage through garden gates, front doors, single garage doors.

*          No passage over roofs, car ports or Wendy houses.

*          Electric fence on top of gates where vehicles must pass through, must also open when the gate opens – jungle gyms are much higher than normal vehicle height. 


You can pick up one jungle gym with the following type of vehicles:

* Long wheel base single cab bakkie with no roll bar on it .

* No enclosed small trucks.

* SUV with a 3m long trailer and 1.5m width with no side rails.

* LDV with drop sides like the Hyundai H100.

* 3 tonner truck which is not enclosed like the typical courier bakkies.

* Long wheel base bakkie/SUV with a 3m trailer long and 1.5m width with no siderails.


Jungle gyms RENTED from Jungle Gym World

Broken accessories like rope ladders, climbing nets will be exchange within ten working days after you notify Management (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Paint will come off from steel slides at schools due to excessive use. Therefore slides will not be exchanged. However if it is really in bad shape, we will exchange the slide.

The client is liable for damages incurred due to user abuse or damaging caused by dogs like chewing cargo nets and rope ladders.


Monthly Safety checks. Your jungle gym should be monthly inspected for the following:

  • Cargo net
  • Rope ladder
  • Jungle swing
  • Tyre swings
  • Chains
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Oil all the moving parts

24 Month checks - It is suggested to repaint only the bottom part of the jungle gym. The pipes rested on the ground tend to rust first due to rain or irrigation conditions. Remove rust by sandpaper. Apply an undercoat and thereafter any type of enamel paint. Ask your hardware shop or paint specialist to advice you accordingly.

36 Month checks - it is suggested to repaint the whole jungle gym. Please do not remove all the paint. Remove only the rust affected areas by sandpaper. Apply an undercoat to the affected areas and then repaint the whole jungle gym with any type of enamel paint.

Before you select a jungle gym and submit the order form, first determine the following:

1. DO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR PLAY AREA - Jungle gyms are BIG and fully manufactured at the factory. Therefore it CANNOT be carried through your house; over the roof of your house, or even over 2m walls with electric fencing. We do not have crane type machines.

2. HOW SLOPY IS THE PLAY AREA IN YOUR GARDEN - Jungle gyms must be placed on level ground for maximum stability and safety to prevent it topples over.

3. HOW BIG IS YOUR PLAY AREA IN THE GARDEN - Jungle gyms are BIG, take up lots of space and also need 2 m free space around it. Toddler Beginner (JG3): 8 m x 5,5 m.

4. DOES YOUR BUDGET ALLOW YOU TO BUY OR RENT? - A small to medium size jungle gym (JG3) costs nowadays to buy R5000.00 and R375.00 to rent on a six months contract - see Terms & Conditions. You must decide to either buy or rent before you submit your order. Once you decide to rent, you cannot change your mind to buy it.

5. VERY IMPORTANT - HOW OLD ARE YOUR CHILDREN? There is a correlation between the ages of your kids and the appropriate size jungle gym you select. Children cannot “grow into a jungle gym” like shoes you bought due to safety standards

If you are happy with these 5 aspects, you can start by scrolling through all the jungle gyms and select the jungle gym you find appropriate for your children. Use the matrix of age appropriateness as a starting point.

Decide how you would like to settle the amount of buying/renting:

If you would like to pay Online while you are on the website, please click on ONLINE CREDIT CARD. PAYMENTS

If you would like to use your own EFT payment method, please click on EFT PAYMENTS.

Fill in the applicable order form and submit. The order form is very specific and all fields need to be filled in. Please pay attention to the following before you can submit the order form:

Confirmation on:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Access to property
  • Collection of purchased items: big enough bakkie/truck/trailer

Documents to attach: (If you opt for the rental option)

  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of address (water & lights)
  • Proof of payment
  • Rental contract 

When will your jungle gym be delivered and how late?

The office will contact you the following day,and over weekends on Mondays (not sure what they mean. Do they mean that people who place an order over the weekend will be contacted on Mondays?) to confirm the delivery date. Once you agreed on the date, you will receive a mail to confirm the date. The office will contact you one day prior to the delivery date and on Fridays when the delivery date is scheduled for Mondays to confirm the time of the delivery. Please answer your cell phone. If you do not answer, we will leave a voice message, and also send you a mail AND a text message on your mobile. If you fail to confirm before 08.00 the next day, you force us to cancel your order, and refund you with 50% of your order value.


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