How our rentals works.

  • When you complete this order our office is notified of your request.
  • Based on availability of your selected product and your geographical area a preliminary date is reserved for your order.
  • To enable the completion of your contract, the required documentation needs to be submitted to after your order is placed:
    1.  Copy of your ID
    2. Proof of residence
    Please use your Name & Surname as subject or reference.
  • Once received, the contract for your signature as well as your preliminary date will be sent to your provided email address.
  • Once your signed contract has been received, you will receive a Pro-Rated invoice for the first month that includes the delivery fee (once off).
  • Banking details will reflect on the invoice as well as the contract.
    Please note: Only once proof of payment is received, your order and delivery date is confirmed.
  • You will receive the monthly rental invoice and statement in the beginning of each month for the duration of your contract.
    This rental fee is strictly payable before the 7th of that month.
  • All rental equipment comes fully services and functional upon delivery.
    All maintenance on rental equipment is strictly done by us.
    In the instance of any breakage or concerns, the customer must inform us immediately for safety reasons so suitable action can be taken.
  • At the end of your initial term the following options are available to you:
    1.  You can upgrade and receive a newly serviced product upon collection of the current product.
    2.  Keep your current product and extend your contract for a selected term.
    3.  Terminate your contract upon which the current product will be collected at an arranged date.
  • In the instance that none of these options are confirmed by the customer, the contract will revert to a month-to-month plan and will be invoiced and due accordingly.
    Please note that none of these options are rent to own options and the equipment remains the property of Jungle Gym World. This is a rental agreement whereby you pay for the use of the equipment until your contract ends.
    In the instance of non payment on your account, we will come collect our property and stop the monthly charge of the rental expense upon collection date. You will be held accountable for all outstanding moneys even after collection of the equipment until settled in full. In the instance that your account cannot be settled, and a reasonable payment agreement cannot be reached with the company, you will be handed over to our legal representatives and due process will be followed.
    Any discounted benefits will be voided if your account is not kept up to date timeously.


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