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Kids Playground Equipment - Kids Jungle Gyms

Have a Gander at Our Varied Range of Playground Equipment for Kids

Young children often hit a phase in their lives when they love to tackle new challenges and explore all the world has to offer. This energy and zest for life are good because they drive them to meet their developmental milestones. Emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development are all critical for kids, and nothing aids in this development better than adventuring outdoors. At Jungle Gym World, we find that children love variety and new experiences, which is why we have a vast and varied range of playground equipment available.

Playground equipment not only allows children to exercise those large muscle groups, but it also gives them an opportunity to socialise, solve problems, and use their imagination. Here we take a look at some of the playground equipment for kids that we currently have on offer.

Climbing Structures

This is probably the most popular form of jungle gyms. Our play structures come in bright colours and fun designs, such as aeroplanes, trains, and motorbikes. We even stock ponies and mini racing cars for babies and toddlers.

Hanging Structures

Regardless of your little one’s age, they are never too young to start finding the fun in the classic, schoolyard monkey bars. We stock hanging structures in several sizes to accommodate a variety of age groups.


Whether crawling through them, over them, or sitting atop them in a fantastical game of imagination, barrels will complete your playground equipment setup.

Balancing Beams and Bridges

Balancing games not only develop your child’s balance, but also their coordination, spatial awareness, and depth perception. These structures are excellent for their physical development.


Who doesn’t remember swinging at a park or school as a child? Children love to swing and challenge themselves to go higher and higher. Swings also help children regulate their vestibular input, which makes them fantastic for kids with sensory processing disorders.


Another activity to help develop a child’s vestibular system is see-sawing. Many kids also find coordinating the up-and-down motion with their peers stimulating and makes for a great mental exercise.

Rocking Structures

If you need playground equipment that your child is sure to enjoy for hours, then a rocking horse or sleigh is relaxing and fun, plus it can be enjoyed with friends.

Don’t let the December holidays keep your child bored with nothing to do, invest in some quality playground equipment for kids today. If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us.