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Jungle Gym Rentals for Kids Parties

5 Tips for Planning an Impressive Kids’ Party on a Budget


Children’s parties are often more stressful than adult events. Parents may find themselves spending quite a lot of money on unnecessary party-store tokens. The trick to throwing a successful kids’ party lies in ensuring that all the children who attend have a great time. Impressing your guests doesn’t require a large budget, either – you just have to understand what it is that gets kids excited. Below we walk you through everything from entertainment to hiring a jungle gym rental.


  1. 1.     Plan the Time Carefully


The time the birthday bash occurs has much to do with how old the child is, as well as the time of year. Children younger than five years of age often need their midday naps, so working around such schedules is essential. During summer, mornings and late afternoons are an ideal time to arrange events whereas winter parties can occur earlier in the afternoon. If guests are spending a lot of time outdoors, plan around this by providing enough to drink and sunscreen for the little ones.


  1. 2.     Ask for Your Child’s Input


Kids who often attend the birthday gatherings of friends and classmates will have an idea of what they like. Allow your child to help you pick out a theme and menu options. Homemade decorations, cupcakes, and party favours are also opportunities to get your kids involved.


  1. 3.     Keep the Adults Engaged


Whether you’re intending on a braai or planning an elaborate treasure hunt, make sure to keep the adult guests engaged. Create a “grown-up” space where adults can enjoy good food, enjoy some wine or beer, and listen to some family-friendly music.


  1. 4.     Don’t Overwhelm the Kids


Filling a venue or yard up with clowns, face painting, loud music, and too many bright colours is the fastest way to overload a child’s senses. Tired, grumpy, and overwhelmed children kill the mood quickly, so be sure that you ease each guest into the experience you’re trying to create. Keep your focus on one or two items of entertainment to allow your guests to adjust, and then add some surprises later in the day.


  1. 5.     A Jungle Gym Rental


AJungle gym rental is always a good idea for kids’ parties because it offers a form of entertainment that engages and challenges children, while also breaking the ice between kids who don’t know each other. Kids can invent games while climbing and clambering over play structures, so a jungle gym rental will keep them busy for hours.


If you need a jungle gym rental to make your child’s party one that nobody will soon forget, get in touch with us today for some great deals.