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Jungle Gyms to Rent

4 Reasons to Rent a Few Jungle Gyms for Your Next Event

“What about the kids?” is a question to which event organisers often return while planning an occasion. Big or small, special events draw much larger crowds when children are entertained. Keeping kids happy, as it turns out, is becoming more and more challenging. These days, children are far too accustomed to sophisticated television programmes and games designed specifically to keep them glued to a screen. There is one age-old outdoor activity, however, that kids cannot seem to resist – jungle gyms. If you are planning an event, then our jungle gyms to rent are ideal.


Whether for a church bazaar, charity fundraiser, community gathering, school sports day, expo, or market, outdoor play equipment keeps kids busy for hours. If you are doing a little research on recreational activities for little ones, then below are four reasons to rent outdoor play equipment for your event.

1.    Get the Kids Outdoors

Most parents and guardians are well aware of the fact that their children spend too much time indoors. When the opportunity arises for some healthy fun in the sun, parents jump at the chance. Finding some jungle gyms to rent for your event means that families can take part while getting their kids to enjoy some sunshine. Along with play equipment, set up picnic tables or benches where parents can relax and supervise their little ones while they play.

2.    Quality Time for Families

If you want to make your event memorable, then you will need to create an environment that fosters great memories. Deciding to rent jungle gyms is one way that you will get families to bond and enjoy precious moments together filled with joy and laughter.

3.    There Is No Better Way to Get Fit

Play structures offer an opportunity to exercise all large muscle groups in the body. A child’s legs, arms, and core all require regular exercise in order to reach their physical developmental milestones. When you rent those jungle gyms, not only are you providing a fun activity, but you are providing one that is beneficial to children of all ages.

4.    Stress Reduction

Large crowds at massive events like markets are tiring and sometimes stressful to children, especially when they are faced with visual and auditory stimulation in all directions, as well as walking long distances. Play structures give parents a chance to stop and rest while their little one has some fun. This is especially helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or those with sensory sensitivities.

Make your upcoming event extra special by inviting children to join in on the fun. If you are looking to rent jungle gyms and other outdoor play equipment, contact us today for a quote.