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A brief description of the services that JUNGLE GYM WORLD CC offers:
Jungle Gym World's main focus is everything to do with outdoor steel playground equipment - manufacturing of all types of steel jungle gyms, playground equipment, sales and rentals, maintenance and repairs, advice in the choice of apparatus and lectures in connection with the developmental value of jungle gyms for the pre-scholar. Our service is honest and friendly and is built on mutual trust to ensure a business friendship, which will last.


  1. Selling of steel jungle gyms and steel playground equipment with a one year guarantee.
  2. Renting of steel jungle gyms and playground equipment which be maintained by Jungle Gym World except user abuse.
  3. Honest and objective advice in the choice of playground equipment.
  4. Advice in the layout of your playground.
  5. Advice about the developmental value of playground equipment for the preschooler, which is the gross motor skill, cognitive and creativity, social and emotional development.
  6. Evaluation of the safety of your existing playground fences, grounds for obstacles, layout and equipment design. What about children's discipline and supervision, which contributes to a safer play environment?
  7. Provision of equipment for nursery schools for specific sporting events, region open days/meetings, etc.
  8. Do repairs and refurbishing of steel jungle gyms.
  9. Selling of all accessories for jungle gyms - like rope ladders, climbing nets, shading canopies, drums, steering wheels, hand rings, tyre swings, jungle swings, slides of 1,5m up to 5 m, cargo nets (10 mm).
  10. Advice to whether playground equipment is beyond economic repair and should be done away with.
  11. Please note: ALL rental services are ONLY available in the Greater Pretoria / Johannesburg area.

What we expect from the customer when they make use of our service

  1. Open and honest communication.
  2. Place your order at least three weeks before your expected delivery date of your jungle gym and or playground equipment. This will ensure delivery on that special birthday of your kids and happy playtime's.
  3. Notify Jungle Gym World of any repairs needed. This will ensure serviceability and safe playground equipment at all times.
  4. Notify Jungle Gym World one month before your contract expires.
  5. All notifications by e-mail. See detail at CONTACT US on www.junglegymworld.com
  6. Timeous payment. Keep proof of all your payments.

Jungle Gym World's service delivery is second to none in the jungle gym business. We are honest and friendly. General information about our services that you should know:

  1. We are concerned about safety in the design of equipment, the layout of apparatus and the general safety of the playground, etc. Please forward suggestions to improve the safety of our jungle gyms to andre@jungelgymworld.com. Contact Andre 012-6683965 or 082 905 9277.
  2. We try our best to provide a reliable and timeously service, to ensure that your equipment is always operational.. Please forward suggestions to improve the quality of our services to andre@jungelgymworld.com. Contact Andre 012-6683965 or 082 905 9277. Any complaints regarding the behaviour of the delivery team leader, please e-mail full to andre@junglegymworld.com
  3. We are concerned about accurate financial administration and bookkeeping off all transactions (rental contracts, tax invoices, etc). Please forward suggestions to improve the administration and finance to admin@jungelgymworld.com. Contact Yvonne 012-6683965/6.
  4. We are concerned about accurate rental administration contracts, delivery and collection notes. Please forward suggestions to improve the administration in this regard to admin@jungelgymworld.com. Speak to Yvonne 012-6683965/6
  5. Jungle Gym World is focused on constantly improving the quality and safety of products and excellent services Jungle Gym World is your jungle gym and playground friend and adviser.
  6. Fax Number - 0866363072

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to ensure the following:
  1. Access to your property:
    • Most of our jungle gyms require an access width of 2 meters, and an access height of 3 meters. This is much wider and higher than a normal door, even sliding doors. If you want to use the jungle gym in a back garden for instance, we need a passage of access of at least 2 meters wide and 3 meters high in order to get the jungle gym to its position.
    • Each jungle gym picture on this website has a ground plan with ground dimensions.
    • We can however pass our jungle gyms over 2 meter walls provided there are NO electrical fences, NO barbed wire and NO devil forks. If this required access space is too large, then we have a solution for you. Our collapsible steel jungle gyms are perfect for you!
  2. Slopes and gradients in your garden:
    • A jungle gym requires a reasonable flat/level surface for optimum safety and stability! They are fairly high, and with children climbing on them, we dont want to have the possibility of them falling.
    • If you think that your slope or gradient is just too much, then unfortunately you are going to require a wooden jungle gym.
  3. Size of space in your garden:
    • Children not only play ON the jungle gym, but around it too! If they are swinging, they require space to swing into as well. Each jungle gym pictured on this website has a ground plan with ground dimensions. For optimum play area around the jungle gym, please add at least 1.5 meters to the ground plan dimensions to ensure that your children will have sufficient play area to enjoy the jungle gym to the fullest!
  4. Budget:
    • Your allocated budget for this investment is a large determining factor in your choice of jungle gym. We have a wide variety of jungle gyms that suit most pockets, and we also offer very attractive rental schemes for you to choose from!
  5. Children's ages:
    • You don't want your child to be under or over stimulated with a brand new jungle gym do you? We have developed a matrix that explains the age groups for each of our jungle gyms.
  6. Features:
    • Okay, so you've been through all the above points, but now you want to see in a matrix just what features each of our jungle gyms has, and you want to compare!



  1. Orders for buying and rental ONLY by the order form on line on www.junglegymworld.com.
  2. Alternatively orders can be faxed with the product code or detail name of the jungle gym and full contact details and delivery address. No telephonically placements of orders. This will contribute to good administration and the accuracy of your order

  1. Ten to fifteen working days after the office confirm your order with you.
  2. Please Note: That you as the client need to stick to the date that has been made with Jungle Gym World CC. This is of GREAT importance and is only fair, as Jungle Gym World CC is a company and needs to stick to a very tight schedule. Should you not adhere to this then a full payment must be made to Jungle Gym World within 48 Hours and a new date scheduled.

  1. All prices you see include VAT.
  2. Delivery cost is included in the price in the greater Johannesburg, Pretoria areas. Other areas R4.00 / km (back and forth) plus toll gate fees and if necessary over night travel expenses. No renting outside these areas. Any purchases under R1000 and rentals under R100.00 in the Greater Johannesburg, Pretoria area will incur a delivery charge of R500.00.
  3. Relocation costs of R800.00 of your freestanding steel jungle gym in the Greater Johannesburg, Pretoria area.
  4. Implanting of swings is included in the purchase price.

  1. Parents - no deposit needed. Full payment on day of delivery. Proof of payment to be attached to copy tax invoice. Self collection proof of full payment before loading.
  2. Companies, public schools, building contractors/developers, Departments need 50% deposit to secure a delivery and installation date. Full payment on day of delivery/installation. Proof of payment to be attached to copy tax invoice. On day of self collection at factory full payment and proof of payment to be attached to copy tax invoice.

Please note: ALL rental services are ONLY available in the Greater Pretoria / Johannesburg area.
Please take note of the following Rental Options available to you (for JUNGLE GYMS ONLY):
  • 1 month upfront
  • 3 months upfront
  • 6 months upfront (1 Month Free)
  • 12 months upfront (3 Months Free)
  • 6 months (Monthly payment)
  1. On all upfront payments to be reflected on Jungle Gym World’s bank statements 24 hour prior to the delivery date. Especially the contracts which entail free month (s).
  2. For monthly payments contract we need the first month and the last month payment to be reflected on Jungle Gym World’s bank statements 24 hour prior to the delivery date.
  1. Upon receiving email orders, these orders will be confirmed telephonically.
  2. Upon confirmation, a mutually agreeable delivery date is stipulated. Honouring of this delivery date by both parties is non-negotiable.
  3. Should there be any reason for a cancellation AFTER your order has been confirmed, this needs to be made 5 days prior to the agreed delivery date, without incurring any penalty fees.
  4. Should any cancellations be received within 24 hours prior to the agreed delivery date, the person who placed the order will be fully liable for 75% of the purchase price.

  1. Please note:ALL rental services are ONLY available in the Greater Pretoria / Johannesburg area.
  2. Before any delivery of RENTAL EQUIPMENT takes place, a SIGNED CONTRACT needs to be in place. This needs to be done in one of the following ways:
    • signing of the contract in the offices of JUNGLE GYM WORLD cc
    • an original signed contract may be FAXED to the offices of JUNGLE GYM WORLD cc should option a above not be possible. This FAXED copy of the contract will be seen as LEGAL AND BINDING
  3. At time of delivery, THE LESSOR will be required to sign the TAX INVOICE presented to accept delivery. Should THE LESSOR not be present at time of delivery, any person present may act on behalf of THE LESSOR for delivery to take place. This signature will be seen as official confirmation of delivery having taken place.
  4. Initial upfront payment as stipulated above in this contract under AGREEMENT OF LEASE
  5. Required Documentation:
    • A clear copy of your ID Document or Company registration documentation
    • Proof of Income or last 2 months bank statements
    • Water & Lights account or other proof of physical address, such as store account
  6. JUNGLE GYM WORLD cc reserves the right to do a credit reference check of THE LESSOR as provided for by the Rights of Information Act.
  7. If a client wishes to cancel a rental contract before the expiry date, the client is responsible for 50% of the amount outstanding on the contract unless the client obtains an upgraded jungle gym on a new contract or purchases a gym from Jungle Gym.
  8. Monthly statements will be made available from the 15th of each month.
  9. Payment for the forthcoming month is payable on or before the 7th of the month. Use your contract number as reference and not Jungle Gym World
  10. Should payments not be received, the following steps will be taken:
    • A telephone call will be made to confirm the payment status
    • Where no payment was made, you will have 48 hours to make the payment
    • Should no payment be received within 48 hours, a written payment request will be issued.. Jungle Gym World reserves the right, after consultation with the client, to cancel a contract if the rental is not paid on the agreed date. If the Client skips a payment on a six months contract the last months credit will be used. Clients will also be responsible for any costs incurred in the recovering of arrears. Failing to do payments and by signing this contract, you authorise the Business to recollect its rented equipment as specified in this contract at your premises at your own risk.
  11. NB NB The client is responsible to notify Jungle Gym World cc by fax or e-mail one month in advance before the expire date whether to continue or to terminate the contract. By failing to do so the contract will be in force with full payment in respect of the expiry date. Please note that it is very important to keep proof of notification.
  12. Relocation of jungle gym can only be approved by Jungle Gym World CC by written request.

To preview the above mentioned documentation, please click below:
  • EFT (please fax proof of payment to 012-668 1631
  • Cash/Cheque given to the driver who will sign for it on tax invoice.

  • Account name: Jungle Gym World cc
  • Account type: CHEQUE
  • Bank/Branch: ABSA CENTURION
  • Account number: 4051 1588 70
  • Branch Code: 632005


  • Our office will phone and make an appointment one day prior to the delivery date (between 16h00 and 17h00). PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE
  • At this stage, full payment needs to be made into our account to SECURE this delivery appointment.
  • Should Jungle Gym World cc be responsible for a 24 hour LATE delivery, then you as a client will receive a payment of 2.5% back as a penalty.


  1. One year guarantee on rust and breakage. Only A-grade steel is used. During the guarantee period we do repairs free in the 012 and the 011 dialing code area or exchange the jungle gym and slides which rust during the guarantee period within ten working days after you report it by means of e-mail to andre@junglegymworld.com or fax 012-6681632. Other areas and self collections are to bring the jungle gym to the factory to exchange it for the same product. First confirm with management at least fifteen workings days before the collection.
  2. Record of invoices/documentation. It is important to keep the payment invoices for one year
  3. Dates of delivery: We commit ourselves to refund you with 5% of the value of the order if delivery does not take place on the date agreed or within 24 hours.
  4. We do as we say - put us to the test and give feedback to andre@junglegymworld.com.


  • Only EFT payments into the customer’s account. No cash transactions.


  1. It is important to keep all documentation received from the Jungle Gym World.
  2. Of the utmost importance to keep all proof of payments to made into the account of Jungle Gym World.


All telephone conversations to be follow up with e-mails (admin@junglegymworld.com) or fax to 012-6681631.

Both parties to verify financial statements. On agreement refunding by EFT will be done within 48 hours.

Any credits will be pay by EFT directly into the account of the customer.

  1. Cancellation of an official order AFTER a delivery date is mutually agreed on and a deposit or the full amount already be paid, 24 hours before the delivery date, 75% of the deposit forfeited.
  2. Cancellation of an official order AFTER a delivery date is mutually agreed on and a adeposito or the full amount be already paid, LESS THAN FIVE WORKING DAYS before the delivery date, 50% of the deposit forfeited.
  3. Cancellation of an official order AFTER a delivery date is mutually agreed on and a deposito or full amount be already paid, MORE THAN FIVE WORKING DAYS, 10% of the deposit forfeited.