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Wooden Tree Houses

Wooden tree houses are value for money

Wooden tree houses are frequently used by children in role playing and imaginative games. This forms an integral part of child play. Children love to have their very own homes, which can be decorated according to their taste and can be used as hide-away places. Platforms, bridges and a variety of roofing options, make the Jungle Gym World wooden tree houses extremely popular with children.

Children need to develop sensory, gross motor, fine motor, inner ear balancing, creative thinking, problem solving, balancing and motion skills to be able to grow up as well developed persons. Jungle Gym wood products, and especially the wooden tree houses, provide the opportunity for children to not only develop the above skills, but also provide the perfect settings for individual and group play.

Benefits of purchasing wooden tree houses from Jungle Gym World

  • The company has been involved in the manufacturing of outdoor play equipment from 1997 and has a reputation for excellent service and high quality manufacturing standards.
  • The company is committed to the supply of safe and child friendly equipment with educational value.
  • You are guaranteed of superior craftsmanship.
  • Since the company is located in South Africa and complies with the “Proudly South African” standards, you know that the equipment will last.
  • The wooden tree houses can be customized according to your specifications and design ideas.
  • You receive a two year guarantee on all types of wooden equipment.
  • SABS approved products.

Construction standards

Lead free wood sealers are used to protect the wood in these houses while H4 poles are treated, which last at least 5 times longer than H3 poles that are often used in the manufacturing of wooden playground equipment by other suppliers.

Roofing options

Since young children also form pictures of their dream houses in their minds, we have expanded the roofing range to include:

  • Square roofs
  • Pyramid shaped roofs
  • Triangle type roofing
  • Single and double roofing options.

Customized fencing options are available:

  • Safety short and long lattice
  • Bridge nets
  • Horizontal safety poles
  • Cross hatching to prevent smaller children from falling through the wooden fences
  • Vertical and horizontal lattice.


To insure interesting play areas and wooden tree houses, several accessories, climbing structures and balancing apparatus are included in many of the wooden jungle gym houses and custom designs. Instead of just having a house, your child and his or her friends can also play on the rope ladders and cargo nets, walk over hang and foot bridges, or swing on the monkey bars and tyre swings.

Sturdy wooden steps and poles enhance the climbing experience even more, while bars help to develop upper body strength. Slides can be used to get down. The platforms come in different sizes and you also have the option of single or double decks.

Color options

The wood is treated to last longer and comes in standard varnished wood colors.

What about splinters?
Since our wooden tree houses are constructed with H4 treaded poles and high quality treated timber, you have a two year guarantee against defects that may cause the wood to splinter.

Tips for maintenance

Do monthly checks on the following sections of the equipment to ensure the safety of your child:

  • Check the cargo net and all ropes for tearing damage
  • Inspect the jungle and tyre swings for possible rips
  • Closely inspect all chains for weak links
  • Check for missing nuts and bolts
  • Oil all the moving parts.

Also do routine checks every 2 years and recoat the wood or replace weaken planks to ensure that the wooden tree houses last decades.

How easy is it to order?

Jungle Gym World endeavors to make the ordering process as easy as possible. Simply complete the online form for customized wooden tree houses or order any of the standard equipment available. No deposit is required, since you pay the full amount once the product is delivered or erected and you are completely satisfied with the service and quality. Just the more reason to get all your outdoor play equipment from Jungle Gym World!