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Children’s Jungle Gym

A Children’s Jungle Gym Offers Many Benefits

It is never too soon to begin giving serious consideration to the development of your child, because studies done by respected psychologists and medical professionals clearly indicate that cognitive perceptions begin while they are still toddlers, so it is vital that they receive sufficient stimulation. A children’s jungle gym may appear to be a simple recreational structure, with very few real benefits, aside from keeping them occupied, but in fact jungle gyms can teach a child a number of important skills, which is why we have a variety of products, each designed to be suitable for children of different ages, and levels of maturity.

Play is a key component of a child’s growth, because aside from the physical aspect, they are also introduced to basic social skills, which will serve as a foundation for their future interactions, including the trials of puberty and the responsibility that comes with adulthood. By spending time with other children of various ages they are exposed to different personality traits, and so doing they will begin to note that people might share common traits, but they remain individuals with unique characterises. Jungle gyms offer the opportunity to engage with others in a relaxed environment and observe their behaviour, while enjoying the benefits that this mode of play affords, including:

Personal Development

During play a child will learn more than they would in other environments, because they are stimulated mentally and challenged physically, while learning how to behave in social situations, and discovering the exhilaration of sliding along at full speed, as opposed to trying to get the highest score on some computer game.

Physical Benefits

Aside from strengthening muscles, they will also improve their motor skills and learn how to co-ordinate the different parts of their body, which must be used in unison if they are to master balancing skills. The increasing number of children suffering from obesity highlights the need for physical activities, which jungle gyms provide in a manner that is enjoyable, and is not seen as formal exercise.

Soft Skills

By playing on a jungle gym with a group, they will discover things like to need to share and be helpful to those who need assistance, while cultivating a sense of self-respect when they achieve personal goals. Parents must positively reinforce this kind of behaviour, because it will give them the confidence they will need to grow into balanced individuals.

Why Choose Steel Jungle Gym

  • Maintenance is seldom necessary.
  • The bars can be gripped firmly, in spite of their small hands.
  • Their portable nature allows you to move the unit around until you find the most suitable location.
  • A colourful decoration adds to the sense of fun and lets them indulge their creative side.

Our jungle gyms follow the different stages of development, and become more challenging as they get older and grow in confidence, which will encourage them to aim for higher levels of competence. The range of products we stock begins with a basic model suitable for toddlers up to the age of six, and the apparatus becomes progressively more complex, with additional features being added to maintain their interest. We cater for children up to the age of thirteen, by which stage the jungle gym is beginning to resemble a military training tool that most grown-ups would not dare to approach.

As adults we have an obligation to provide children with an environment where they feel safe and are allowed to enjoy their childhood, while developing skills that will engender an invaluable sense of self-belief. Jungle gyms may appear simple at first glance, but they can be very beneficial to a child’s growth, and their value must never be underestimated.